About Us

Weather Briefings is one of a kind. We merge the latest technology in communicating up-to-the-minute weather information with old fashioned critical customer care. That means that our meteorologists, while providing you with incredible and highly accurate forecasts and weather data through our web apps and websites, also spend a significant portion of their shift on the telephone with our clients. Between calls that we place and receive, almost 25% of a forecaster’s time is involved with dealing one on one with the owner or a dispatcher of one of our clients. 

Weather Briefings has been around in some form or other for nearly 30 years. Its original founders, meteorologists John Travers and Bob Kucken, began a company called Weathertron in the 1980s. John went on to work in senior retail and direct marketing/catalog positions as a senior director at Bloomingdales, a vice-president at The Body Shop Inc., and, finally, the president of Patagonia Mail Order and Premium Retail Services. John continued his career by building his own business in publishing and database marketing. Bob, with his extensive broadcast background, became the producer at Detroit’s top morning radio show and then went on to media sales, finally ending up at one of the industry’s largest television stations owned by one of the top three largest television networks/media companies in the world. There, Bob focused his attention on developing their website, making it an easy portal for both advertisers and users. After 25 years John and Bob joined forces to create Weather Briefings. We quickly added a handful of key people. We brought on Steve Krzyzanowski, our senior meteorologist, along with the team he assembled. This team and his expertise personally ranges from tropical and marine weather to winter storm forecasting and weather analytics. Weather Briefings also added an on-line communications expert and web designer, Jeffrey Amoako. Most recently, Weather Briefings has added a member for our new service called Climate Verified. This is Matt Walton, well known in film, television and other media. He will be leading our effort to provide consumers and businesses critical information on our climate as it is today and climate change. Matt will also be our key consultant when it comes to dealing with film and commercial business. His many years working on sets with assistant directors and assistant associate producers gives him a unique window into how weather impacts the production of movies, television shows and commercials on a national/network level down to the local level.  Our team is growing and while we feel that all of our services can be provided by the team assembled, we are frequently adding highly specialized scientists to work on energy, aviation and ballooning.

We are excited to bring you our state of the art weather service. We understand your business. We will work with you and your team to ensure that our service adds money to your bottom line. Most private weather services extend a simple and direct product to their clients. Weather Briefings decided a couple of years ago that becoming involved with your business, understanding your key clients or most important indicators for success and, most importantly, figuring out a plan to best serve both those key clients and key indicators is our goal.

Thank you for taking a chance and working with Weather Briefings. We guarantee you an experience that is unlike any you have had before. Our pricing is competitive and is partially based, if you choose to go with this plan, on our ability to provide accurate forecasts. No other company that we know of provides accuracy based compensation. If we miss the mark in certain areas that are pre-determined, we extend you credit for the following quarter.  Again, thank you for your business.  If you have more questions about our background, what we do differently or anything else, please contact John Travers at 646-886-7043 or send an email to jtravers@weatherbriefings.coms.com.

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