Our tropical team is among the most accurate and timely team in the industry.  Days before the National Hurricane Center incorrectly downgraded Sandy to an Extra Tropical Storm, we made sure that our clients knew that this was going to be a full on hurricane and that the NHS was using semantics and not warning the public and private industry that this would be a hurricane of monumental proportion.  Weather Briefings saw this as a storm of great proportion and forecast the location of the storm within 30 miles up to three days in advance of landfall.  We were able to alert all our clients and subscribers to what was an historic storm.
Whether you are the manager of a resort or hotel, a public utility company, transportation company or an energy company among many others, our services are for you. We deliver a special three hourly update (up to 48 hours before a storm), and we break it down for each client as to how it will impact you.  Unlike any other weather service, we continuously broadcast from our Tropical Desk approximately eight hours before a storm or hurricane makes landfall. This LIVE BROADCAST will be radio and television quality.  We will take calls from people close to the storm and get the latest from local police and fire and our own local meteorologists in the field  to broadcast.
We will ensure that your customers, employees and to the extent possible, your property will be protected. We will keep you up to date frequently throughout the storm.

, HurricaneBriefings.com

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