Are you in retail, grocery, drug stores, clothing and apparel, retailers or manufactures or convenience stores or large hardware supply stores? If so, we have highly actionable analytics for you. If you are paying some of the “ANALYTICS” companies a fortune for data that is so extensive it is hardly useful, does not fit into your planning systems, and just sits with most of the data unused? We understand. Our founder and President has been an executive in large retail companies and, as a meteorologist, knows what you need. Stop paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive analytics and briefings which are much simpler and more actionable. If your goal is to make, allocate and sell the RIGHT amount of merchandise, find out what our WEATHERITE SIMPLE SMART ANALYTICS can do for your business. Save potentially millions of dollars by making smart manufacturing, inventory control, allocation and merchandising decisions to maximize sales. In the past you may have run out of product way too early, or ended up with way too much. Our daily or weekly video calls discussing the data will help your national, regional or even local managers make key decisions from staffing, to merchandising to inventory allocation, and much more. Give us a year and we will show you how accurate, simple and smart analytics can add millions or more to your bottom line.
, Retail Analytics

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