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AM Views:
1-Remnants of Rosa bringing drenching rains to 4 corner states
2-The merger with the upper level energy that will shoot Rosa on east through our zonal flow.
3-Moderate rain and thundershowers that will push east throughout the day and evening tonight in the northeast.
We have our southern high helping with a little pre-frontal warm sector building. Our unique low slipping along with its strong cold front in tow.
To the east always be wary of these snaking fronts as they change surface wind flow around and create crossing patterns that can lead to severe weather. Pennsylvania is the target today.

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Remnant Rosa & the strong energy diving down British Columbia will combine near the Lakes and for a powerful extratropical cyclone over Quebec. Heavy snows into northern Ontario/Quebec, this will bring a strong cold front to Great Lakes/Northeast Thursday. (See Above)

There’s your Rosa extratropical merger & development with the British Columbia energy (formerly your Scandinavian energy we’ve traced the past 10 days through Siberia & across the globe). With the Arctic/Yukon high flying in behind. (See Below)


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Short and Sweet: Keep an eye on this area…It is still warm, storms can easily form.

Possibilities for week above


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Later this week, the large high will remain quashed. Our Tuesday frontal system ensures to keep the northern stream flowing across our region.

To the east Leslie just never made it far enough west to overly block up the pattern and that’s what the models with a big ridge in the east all week had banked on.

We’ll see Rosa’s major extratropical developments and its strong front start to march eastward with the Yukon high in tow.

Ahead of the front we’re going to get a typical pre-frontal surge of warmth during the middle of the work week.


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