Weather Briefings is proud to provide the first and only weather reports specific and detailed to the hotels services industry. As you know, weather impacts everything from occupancy to staffing to customer service. Weather Briefings will provide you with up to three weeks advance occupancy predictions based on the weather. In addition, we will provide specialized content on your circuit television: a weather channel that is specific to your local area and areas traveled to most frequently from your hotel or resort.

We will also keep your hotel and resort safe by providing alerts and warnings. If you live in a tropical zone, we will provide up to two weeks of advance warnings for the possibility of tropical storm or hurricane activity. If you live in a ski resort, snow-making conditions as well as real snow forecasts and full ski data will be provided. In addition, any other severe weather such as blizzards, tornadoes or a severe thunderstorm will be forecast and alerts and warnings will be sent to your location. In addition, Weather Briefings will work with your finance department, your occupancy department and your operations areas so that real time changes and updates can be made to staffing operational needs when needed. We promise that using Weather Briefings will bring additional profit to your bottom line.

Thank you for trying Weather Briefings. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

, WeatherBriefings Hotel and Resort Services

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